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The world looks vastly different than it did a month ago. Coparenting during the Corona pandemic looks different for many of us. With the job furloughs, social distancing and stay at home orders in combination with distance learning, blended families are feeling the pressure. The past few weeks and the following weeks to come have tested and will continue to test many of us and our co-parenting situations.

Step it up moms and dads, this is your time to shine. This is our time to pull together and show our kids what matters, what the important things in life are, and how well we can come together for the best interest of our kids and our families when it truly matters most. Mark my words co-parents: our kids will remember how we handled this pandemic as parents, as separate households, as co-parents.

We are living in unprecedented times. I keep telling my kids that they are living through a future history lesson. They will always remember these months. They will remember what they were doing and how they felt when they were told that there was this virus killing thousands of people so we all had to stay at home and school was called for the rest of the year. It reminds me of when I was a senior in high school and I watched as the first plane hit the world trade center during my senior composition class on September 11, 2001. I will never forget those moments and how they changed things. Our children will never forget how the Corona virus changed their world. They will never forget how we handled it and what we did to try to make their worlds as normal as we could. How do you want them to remember it?

I want our kids to remember that we made Covid-19 our bitch


I want them to remember that we worked together as a team.

I want them to remember that we acted fast and together to make decisions and changes that were in THEIR best interests, not our own.

I want them to remember their parents were all on the same page, the same team: THEIR team.

I want them to remember time we happily spent together as a family, living life in the slow lane.

I hope they remember how important it is to separate facts from hysteria.

I hope they remember that while it is ok to be scared and anxious, it is also important not to panic.

I want them to remember what empathy looks like, and how important it is to have it.

I want them to remember all the hearts in the windows, family Tik Toks and the walks in the woods.


I hope they remember how the world got quiet while the birds in the morning got louder.

I hope they remember how much they missed their friends and family so they always remember the value of friendship and the importance of family.

I want them to remember that other people matter. That we don’t live in a bubble, that our actions truly do affect other people. Life is too short to act selfishly, ignorant, and privileged.

I want them to remember an Easter where we didn’t get dressed up to go anywhere or do anything. The lazy holiday we spent doing nothing, together.

I hope they remember late nights, forts and countless games of hide and go seek.

I hope they remember how to wash their fucking hands the right way from now on.

I hope they remember the sadness they felt missing recitals, competitions, sports seasons and vacations so that they always remember how blessed they truly are.

I want them to remember what this vulnerability felt like so that they always remember to stay humble.

I want them to remember what we can overcome when we come together for the greater good.

I hope they remember a time when we all came together by staying apart.

I hope they remember when we stayed home to save lives so they never forget how changing the world starts at home.





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