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Thank you.
You are one of the most important people in my life. I wonder if you know that?
You see without you, I would not have Lilly or Logan. I can not imagine a world where they do not exist as my kiddos. Without you, that isn’t possible. So thank you.
You have been an Intrigal part of making my life as amazing and my heart as full as it is now. Without you my world as I know it does not exist.
Thank you.

Thank you for helping me give not only your children but my biological children the opportunity to see what healthy co-parenting looks like. It is something my own children would not have without you and that means the world to me.
Thank you for letting them see the mountains two women can move when they work together and not against each other.
Thank you for helping me prove to them and everyone else that we don’t have to fall into the trap that society has set for us. That we can be more when we rise above. Because let me tell you something.

Since I have started this blog, I cannot tell you how much negative baby mama/stepmama drama that floods my feed. Every.Single.Damn. Day!
Thank you for helping us not be a part of that statistic.

Thank you for letting me love your children without fear or resentment.
For never telling me it wasn’t my business. For always treating me like I was their parent too. Society tells you that you don’t have to, but you do anyways.

Thank you for sharing mother’s day with me. For the flowers and the bracelet.

Thank you for texting me all the important information and not Patrick because lord knows he would never keep it all straight lol.
For keeping me informed on schedules, sicknesses, grades, etc.
Thank you for sharing your people. Grandma Brenda and grandma carol have become grandma Brenda and grandma Carol to my own children. The years I had with Bevy will always be some of the best years of my life, always. I’ll never forget her and your mom coming to the hospital when we had Mason. I don’t think I’ve ever told you or your mom what that meant to me.

Thank you for taking Lucas and Merideth camping. They didn’t want to come home. They really enjoyed it and you don’t have to include them but you do.
Thank you.

Thank you for letting Mason love you. It’s important to me that he and Marleigh know you as Lilly and Logan’s mom and love you as such. Our children are blood siblings and that ties us together. Thank you for buying birthday presents and baby gifts.

Thank you for being able to disagree with me in the morning and sit with me at football games in the afternoon. I wholeheartedly appreciate us being able to exchange a healthy “fuck you” from time to time without the entire world coming to an end. It’s life, and you get that. So thank you.
Thank you for helping to make my husband the man he is today. Not at all awkward ..I know lol. But seriously, without you and the 10 years he shared with you, he would not be who he is today. He wouldn’t be the husband he is to me.
Thank you.

I appreciate you.
I appreciate us and this life we live as parents, together.
Thank you.


The Other Baby Mama

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