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Motherhood Unplugged

My Story As a Mom and Stepmom to a Modern Day Brady Brunch

Darcy Martin


Hey! I’m Darcy

I’m a sarcastic, sweary mom of 6. I’m on marriage #2, and so is my husband & partner in crime, Patrick. This Blog is the expression of my passion… Motherhood and our blended family: the beauty, the blessings and & the struggles. Follow my journey as a sarcastic, foulmouthed Mama inside the modern day blended family.

Darcy Martin

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I’m not exactly your prim and proper PTA mom and this space will reflect that. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s ok because I prefer coffee. I have facial piercings, tattoos and I swear in front of my kids, so miss me with the “language” lecture. I’m a former social worker turned SAHM. I’m educated, but I’m no Mary Poppins.

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